50 Cent & shaniqua tompkins*Shaniqua Tompkins has kept silent up until now about her son Marquise’s father, 50 Cent, not showing up at his graduation.

Tompkins was very critical of 50 as she opened up about the rapper’s no-show as well as how he prevented her from being on a reality show, among other things, during an interview with V-103’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show.

Highlights from Tompkins’ radio appearance are as follows:

If she invited 50 Cent to his son’s graduation:
“I didn’t know a parent needed an invitation to the graduation. I think you make time for what you want to make time for. You know your son is in the 12th grade. You know that children graduate May-June-ish.”

She added:
“He is privy to the same information that I am privy to as a parent. You can call the school, you can ask. Or have your assistant call. There were no tickets. It was on the lawn of the school. And being that he says he pays tuition, which he doesn’t, he should have had a first class ticket. He doesn’t pay tuition, he pays child support.”

If she wants 50’s lifestyle:
“We all want the finer things in life but I left him. I knew when I left him I was leaving a lifestyle so it’s not like he left me, I left him.”

Her not working since 2000:
“I had a job with TLC network and [50] came and stopped that. I had a deal with a reality show. The show was canceled but everyone got paid their full contract but me. So you say, ‘Get a job’ but I had one. TLC sent me a 1099. I filed taxes. I had one.”

Why she doesn’t answer 50 Cent’s phone calls now:
“Prior to those calls (and thank God for screenshots) I spoke with him and we spoke for a couple of hours on the phone. And when you feel like you can’t get through to a person, I feel like I know how to set boundaries…I’m not going to waste my time. And he’s always going in what happened in the relationship, Marquise is never the main focus. He never takes responsibility for his actions.”

Why 50 is lashing out and “hurting”:
“I think me leaving him reinforces all those abandonments issues he suffered as a child. I think that’s why he’s so angry.”

On the last time 50 has seen his son:
“You haven’t seen your son in almost two years. Matter fact, this month makes two years. He hasn’t seen his son since May 2012. He hasn’t spoken to Marquise since the text messages where he told him ‘F*ck you,’ ‘I have another child,’ ‘Lose my number’ and Marquise hasn’t spoken to him since. “

On 50 being abusive:
“He [Marquise] saw I left an abusive situation.” She said Marquise saw 50 hit her and when her daughter saw him hit her she decided to leave. She said he was hitting her one minute and then crying like a baby in her lap the next.

On why she left 50:
“I can’t say money changes a person. I was the girl that was on his grandmother’s stoop when he got shot. He went to my mother’s house to heal. I went to work when my son was four months old while he was sitting home being daddy day care, watching Sesame Street and Little Bill. He has created this persona. This 50 Cent character. I don’t know this person. It reminds me of CB4. No I don’t know this person.”

To see Shaniqua Tompkins’ full interview on the Ryan Cameron Morning Show, check out the video below: