Shelly and Donald Sterling: Thick as thieves

Shelly and Donald Sterling: Thick as thieves

*Apparently, Shelly Sterling is stupid or she thinks really thinks other people are stupid … or both.

She must. Why else would she expect anyone to believe that her fight to retain her 50% ownership of The LA Clippers, plus a purchasing of the remaining shares, will have nothing to do with her husband, Donald Sterling, who was banned from the league for life following a leaked recording that revealed his true racist feelings.

Obviously, she expects us to believe she has changed; that she is not the same wife who, along with her husband, refused to rent even their dilapidated apartments to African Americans.

Shelly, the verdict is in, cut the crap: ownership of The Clippers by any Sterling would stink.

“Those guys are not going to play for anybody (named) Sterling,” Magic Johnson told USA TODAY Sports and two other reporters at the Omni Dallas Hotel on Friday while he was in town with wife, Cookie, to accept an award. He was speaking of the Clippers as a team who would unite and refuse to play if Shelly Sterling became owner. “It’s just how it is. It’s hard to separate the two. It’s going to be hard for them to sell that to the fans and definitely to the players.”

magic johnson

 Johnson was responding to a report by USA Today Sports that quoted Mrs. Sterling as saying she would remain a passive owner and does not want to be involved in running the team.

But Johnson is just one of perhaps many who are coming out of the proverbial woodwork to voice their disdain, should ownership change hands from one Sterling to another.  Johnson says it would be difficult to tell the husband and wife apart – even if her voice wasn’t on  the audio recording; she was part and parcel to the past allegations about deplorable living conditions by tenants who inhabited properties owned by the Sterlings.

“When they accused them of (being) slumlords, that was both, it wasn’t one person,” Johnson said. “It was both of them. … They will never recover from this. All the sponsors pulling out, they will pull out for good if she is owning it. It’s not going to be the same.”


And don’t think Johnson is rushing in with interest to purchase the team himself, though he did express interest in one day owning an NBA team. He remains close-lipped about anything definite, but reveals it is something he’d look at more closely towards the end of what he believes will be a long process.

“First of all, we have to all remember that that is a long way away,” Johnson said. “The board of governors first has to vote him out. Donald Sterling is going to fight it. You know that. It is going to be a long time.

“I have other things to do before I just say my level of interest. The team has to be up for sale. And I think that is going to be eight months to a year. Once it’s official, that it’s really up for sale, we’ll take a look at it.”

You've got to go, Donald Sterling!

You’ve got to go, Donald Sterling!

And the plot thickens. LeBron James has added steam to a pot already close to its boiling point. James, who had the lowdown on Sterling when he turned down an offer to play for him and chose the Heat instead, in no uncertain terms, wants Sterling out.

Thing is, if Shelly Sterling insists on fighting this, a stand-off and refusal to play may not stop at the Clippers, solidarity in what will become a cause may touch other teams as well.

Now we’re talking the loss of even more money.


”As players, we want what’s right and we don’t feel like no one in his family should be able to own the team,” James said after the Miami Heat practiced for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against Brooklyn.

James was one of the first and strongest voices to speak out after a recording of Donald Sterling’s remarks to V. Stiviano were posted on TMZ’s website last month, saying the comments were unacceptable and that there was no place in the league for Sterling.

Stay tuned. We’ll be talking about this for quite some time.