shonda-rimes-katherine-heigl-lg*Who in the hell is Eric West?

This was most likely the question on the mind of “Scandal” head honcho Shonda Rhimes, who blasted the Deadline Hollywood blog site for publishing a fake story saying Columbus Short had been recast by someone of that name

Within minutes of the story’s posting, Rhimes went in on the culprit!

Short — who recently got the boot from the show and whose character appeared to be dead at the end of last season — was to be replaced by some guy named Eric West … according to Deadline.

But Rhimes entered the scene of the lie quickly tweeting, “I’ve never heard of Eric West. Harrison is not being recast EVER. How about reporters CHECK THEIR SOURCES before running with a story? Um, @Deadline? Handle yourself.”

Shonda Rhimes Tweet
Even the so-called replacement, Eric West, got in on the act tweeting simply, “This is news to me.”

Deadline quickly updated its story, calling it an “elaborate hoax” — but still wouldn’t drop it, writing, “It is unclear yet whether Short would be replaced.”

Columbus Short and Eric WestUh, sounds pretty clear to us.