stephen a. smith

*On Friday, ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith pushed back at those who came at him for his defense of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s statements on his own bigotry.

Earlier in the week, as we reported, Cuban said in an interview that he would “cross the street” if he saw a black kid in a hoodie at night, but he also said, “in the same breath” that he would have the same reservations about a bald white guy with tattoos all over his body.

“’Stephen A. Smith is a sellout,’ ‘Stephen A. Smith is an Uncle Tom,’ ‘Stephen A. Smith ain’t black,’ ‘you ain’t one of us’ — these are the kinds of things that were said to me yesterday,” Smith said on ESPN’s “First Take.”

He continued to defend his position saying those blacks who didn’t agree with him should not expect an apology.

“When I say I don’t give a damn … that does it no justice,” Mr. Smith said. “I stand by everything that I said yesterday tenfold, 100-fold. And I don’t care who in the black community disagrees with me – I’m not interested in their disagreement on this particular issue they are not looking at the bigger picture here.”

Watch Smith’s full comments below:

EUR Bonus Coverage: Stephen A. Smith also found himself defending his comments in a very lively and enlightening debate with noted scholar Michael Eric Dyson: