Daniel Wani holds daughter, Maya, for the first time.

Daniel Wani holds daughter, Maya, for the first time.

*One of the first things I learned as an American traveling internationally is, “leave your American beliefs at home.” I was humbled by this request, and obliged to the best of my ability.

The growth I developed as a result continues to be helpful in my realization that not everyone is going to think like me, agree with me or even like me, for that matter…and that became perfectly OK. That’s what diversity is all about, right.

But I also realize I am unabashedly human, and still a work in progress, and with that said:

This kind of sh*t really gets my goat.

Read on…

A Sudanese woman is sentenced to hang for marrying a Christian American citizen. In the bittersweet photo above, first obtained by the Daily Mail, we see Daniel Wani, an American citizen who lives in New Hampshire, meeting his baby girl, Maya, for the first time.

Maya’s mother, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, gave birth to her in a Sudanese prison earlier this week, as she awaits the fulfillment of her flogging and death sentence.

When do we say “when?” I say NOW.

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