Kara Finney

*On the day after Mother’s Day (05-12-14), Yvette Melton, walked out the front door on her way to work and literally stumbled onto a clump of balloons on her lawn.

“I went to leave about 8:30 in the morning or so, and they were just right off the grass in my bushes right by the door,” Melton, 55, recalled. “And where I live, I thought it was just trash because we have so much wind, until I picked them up and saw the notes attached.”

As it turns out, the balloons were the efforts of three siblings whose mother had passed away suddenly, just a few days before Mother’s Day. Unable to bury her and give her the home going  they knew she deserved, they took to holding bake sales and car washes – which they did on Mother’s Day – to raise the funds to pay for her $10,000 funeral.

But by the end of the day they had only earned $2,000.

Feeling overwhelmed and a bit defeated, the siblings returned home to find Lena Stargell, one of their mother Renee’s oldest and dearest friends, standing in the living room with a bundle of inflated balloons.

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