*In an exclusive interview with EURweb media partner, singer Syleena Johnson opens up about why she’ll never be friends with former ‘R&B Divas’ cast mate, Nicci Gilbert.

She also reveals if she really feels snubbed by Faith Evans Grammy nomination last year. Check out a few excerpts below.

nicci gilbert

If the chemistry of the cast has changed since Nicci Gilbert and Faith Evans left the show:

“Yes, we’ve drawn closer to each other…When they were there for season 2 mostly and now that they’re gone, it was a dramatic difference.”

If she’s resolved her issues with Nicci Gilbert:

“No, we don’t communicate anymore. We will never communicate anymore, if I have something to do with it…and I’m perfectly okay with that…She’s banana’s but I’m not the only one that knows that.”

If she felt ‘snubbed’ by Faith Evans, concerning the compilation Grammy nomination:

“Well I didn’t say it was a snub, but I did say it was fishy how faith sits on the Grammy committee so she knows the rules real well. It just wasn’t right how we thought we were nominated because we were a apart of that compilation album and it was brought to us as a compilation album but when it was submitted as ‘Best R&B album’…so that to me was strange.”

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