t.i., apollo nida

*T.I. spoke out about his recent run in with Apollo Nida on “The Big Tigger Show.”

The incident happened recently when T.I. confronted Nida for falsely calling him out as someone who also struck a plea deal and became a government informant.

T.I. didn’t take too well to this accusation — getting into an argument with Nida outside of S2S Ladies’ Night.

“I don’t have no slandering. If you’re going to tell the truth on me that’s fine,” T.I. said. “Anybody got something to say about me, make sure it’s the truth. If it ain’t the truth, just be ready to see me.”

T.I. encouraged fans to look up the details of his plea agreement themselves — instead of believing Nida.

“The wonderful thing about the federal government and the United States is that all agreements, plea agreements are public record so you can pull Clifford Joseph Harris,” T.I. said. “It’s all out there, man, so you can pull my agreement up.”

Instead of becoming a government informant, T.I. recommended for anyone in that situation to look into Rule 35b.

According to Cornell University, the rule allows for a reduced sentence in exchange for substantial help.

“When you’re looking at the paper work and you’re looking for my agreement look for that. Just read it in great detail; take your time; print it out,” Tip suggested. “Take it to your thinking seat; read it up. I ain’t really got nothing to hide.”

Watch the interview below: