terry-crews*The NFL is a Cult.

So says former NFL linebacker turned actor Terry Crews, who played for the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated‘s daily live show “SI Now,” Crews gave his two cents and then some when he shared what the NFL culture was like during his playing days and whether or not he would ever go against a doctor and refuse surgery or drugs.

“There is this thing where the team kind of looks at [itself] as your father,” Crews said. “And it’s kind of weird, because it’s like ‘You’d do this for the team, right?’

“It’s really like a cult,” he continued. “I’m going to say it. The NFL is a cult, because you’ve been looking at this motto and this logo for your whole life and you believe in it and you’re like ‘They wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. They never would.’ And, uh oh, maybe they would. When you give your life over to something like that and give your total trust into something like that, it will always disappoint you.”

Crews’ comments come amid news of former players filing a lawsuit against the NFL over accusations of the league providing painkillers and other drugs that would allow players to remain in the game and avoid missing any time. As a result, the players experienced serious complications later in life, according to the suit.

For more of Terry Crews’ interview with “SI Now,” click on the video below: