carla harris

Carla Harris

*In today’s ultra-competitive job market, employees cannot afford to get distracted by the nervousness or excitement of a new job. Investment banker Carla Harris says recent hires have about three months to learn the ropes and prove their worth.

“Most people tend to think ‘well I won’t get my first evaluation until a year, so I have time to show what I can do,’” says Harris, author of Expect to Win: 10 Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace. “You should not think that you have six months to a year to demonstrate what you’ve been hired to do or to show that you are good at it.”

The Harvard alumna points out that co-workers and supervisors “start making informal judgments” about new hires that have a formal impact on that person’s ability to keep their jobs or earn raises and promotions. This leaves unprepared workers at a competitive disadvantage. The Jacksonville, Fla., native offers theses insights to help you activate your 90-day action plan for job success.

30 Days: Be Proactive

Within the first month, an employee should learn their supervisor’s preferred method of communication, the company’s
culture, and protocol.

Harris adds: “New employees must fully understand and meet both their firm’s and supervisor’s needs and expectations. It is vital to know how your job impacts the company’s bottom line.”

60 Days: Perform

By the second month, you should have scheduled or taken all training programs needed to perform your job well. She reveals: “A firm may have a great training program, but, it’s up to you get the training you need. You can’t sit back and think somebody is going to plan it out for you.”

90 Days: Proceed

After the grace period, new hires cannot use ignorance, inexperience, or lack of training as excuses for underperformance. Within three months, new staff members should blend in and reflect the company’s values. Harris asserts, “After that first quarter, you really want people to forget that you are a new hire at all. You want them to feel like you’ve been there all

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