*Spoiler Alert:  I don’t know what I’m talking about, but that’s never stopped me before…


If this were a court of law, I would be tossed out on my hind parts with all of the speculation I am about to serve up in this post. Alas, this is no court, and I am no Matlock, so my hunches and guesstimations are all being duly noted now.  Please spare me your valid finger wagging until next week.

I have viewed the Knowles v. Carter crime scene footage several times in an attempt to figure out what sparked Solange’s outrage.  I initially thought it was an outburst due to her alleged issues with mental illness, but other factors have swayed me.   I have concluded that she was defending the honor of her sister, and I would like to submit the following evidence for your perusal:

Exhibit A)  Beyonce’s non-existent reaction speaks volumes:  I have seen that body language before.  It is of a woman who agrees with the person defending her, but maintains loyalty to the one that wronged her.  There was very little effort to disengage either one of them on her part, and when she did, it was a docile two-step “to the left, to the left” to keep the flailing limbs of her sister from landing any future blows.  It even seems Solange spends a few moments berating her sister before turning back to her primary focus of fury.  While many are assuming that “Bonnie” wasn’t standing up for her “Clyde,” I think it was the exact opposite.

Exhibit B) Jay Z’s self defense:  Why was Jay defending himself, all by himself?  If this was a  normal mental snap from Solange, I just feel the body language would have read differently.  I find it odd that there was little to no shock in everyone’s behavior, and I have unfortunately seen some physical meltdowns…they aren’t easily ignored, but this one was.  Guilt crosses my mind.  If you watch, he goes out of his way to help pick up her clutch and hand it back to her. (Insert side eye)  C’mon…if someone just came for your throat,  would you be in a rush to retrieve their Judith Leiber for them?  I think not.

Exhibit C)  “The Walk of Shame”:  Look at that photo above.  “Solangenator from the Elevator” pulled it back together for the cameras, but was clearly still sizzling over the situation.  Beyonce put on a happy face to keep selling the facade, and Jay Z actually tried to get in the same car with his aggressor which makes no sense to me.  The reactions of all involved parties just don’t add up to “poor lil sis didn’t take her meds.”

Something went awry that night, but without the audio, we will probably never know.   Therefore, it is my civic duty to stop caring the minute I finish this post.

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