Shekinah Jo (Right) and Tiny (Left)

Shekinah Jo (Right) and Tiny (Left)

*Hmm…Wonder if this song was really inspired by the recent action of rapper, Christ Bearer.

In what they probably hope will be the new female anthem of the summer, rapper T.I.’s wife Tiny went into the studio with her bestie, hair stylist Shekinah Jo, to record “Cut It Off” – an explicit new joint with an undeniably infectious hook that admonishes a man’s prowess and suggests, “It ain’t nothing cut that d”ck off.”

It’s their remix to Atlanta rapper K. Camp’s “Cut Her Off” and now gives both women the opportunity to fatten their resume (if only by a word) with the addition of a new title, “rapper.”

Looks like Tiny may be trying to follow in her talented husband’s footsteps. He released a remix to Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst” which detailed their marital issues; but later claimed he didn’t mean for the track to get out and that he was only airing out temporary frustrations.


The girls chorus says, “It ain’t nothing to cut that d*ck off/It ain’t nothing to cut that d*ck off/I know that’s yo man hoe/He ain’t got no bands doe.”

Don’t look at us: We said the hook was infectious, not deep.

Take a listen for yourself.