What’s good for the goose … is good for the gander


*To put it bluntly, Tiny doesn’t seem to really care about all the marital drama with T.I. going on in her life.

But like always on Instagram, she’s more worried about not worrying and sitting on the poolside in her bikini with her girls.

And that’s exactly what she’s doing in the pic above.

“Me & @msdecordon Just Kicking It in the room! Unbothered. “

Recently, T.I. confronted Floyd Mayweather for trying to talk to his wife, which started a brawl between the two at a Fatburger in Las Vegas.

But Mayweather cleared up that rumor.

“Tiny is married. I respect that. I don’t care if y’all separated, she’s still married under God’s eyes and the law. I’m not going to sleep with a married woman. I’m not going to do that. Like I said on All Access, I’m becoming a better person.”

As for Tiny, many blamed her for fueling the fight with her photos of her and Mayweather.

“I aint put that n*gga in sh*t! U see that n*gga in the media with different b*tches don’t come at me with that sh*t about no pix with a friend…f*ck you & whoever feel like u!!!” she ranted on Instagram.

She continued to rant and respond to her critics on Instagram.

“Nicca you should be asking why I put up with him! F*ckutambout!!! U been seeing him in the net time after time on f*ck sh*t!!! So f*ck you hoe & how you feel! You can shove that respect up yo a**!”

Well as T.I. seems bothered by his marriage woes, Tiny seems just fine wit it.