Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert, R&B Divas

Faith Evans (Left) and Nicci Gilbert (Right)

*The R&B Divas are living up to their name, honey! Two of the queens,   Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert, are slapping TvOne with a major lawsuit over an upcoming spinoff.

Nichole (Nicci) L. Gilbert and NOEGO Entertainment, LLC recently filed a lawsuit in Fulton County, Georgia, suing ThinkFactory Media, Inc and TVOne, LLC, over the Divas franchise.

Nicci, one of the stars and executive producers of the first 2 seasons of “R&B Divas” in Atlanta, claims she and former co-star/executive producer Faith Evans are being left out of the new TVOne spinoff “Hollywood Divas,” which will soon air on the network. And suffice it to say, she’s not happy about it!

Neither woman returned for season 3 of “R&B Divas: Atlanta,” which is currently airing.  But now that “Hollywood Divas” has been announced, Nicci is PISSED.

The former Brownstone singer is filing on 15 counts (yes, 15!), including breach of contract, defamation, fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, emotional distress, and more.  She also wants to collect punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

But that’s not all. Nicci claims, via a rep, that the bigger picture is the ‘white male production companies’ impacting the image of black women on TV:

A discussion is needed NOW to address the images of African American Women that white male production companies are portraying on Reality TV and changing things in the editing room . They can not be allowed to continue to destroy Brands & families & friends!

As it turns out, three of the seven executive producers (not counting Faith or Nicci) are black men.  The show runners of the last couple seasons of “R&B Divas” are black.  And we’re told the crew is mostly comprised of black workers.   We’re also told that TV One has final sign off on all content, not the production company.

Uh, Nicci…any more theories?

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