Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson: Deep thinker

*Tyrese Gibson has become quite the role model. He displays informative, thought-provoking, self-made videos on social media regularly; recording from locations such as in his home – with his daughter jumping up and down on the couch as he teaches her about confidence; or from a Korean spa while getting his pedicures – and talking about the importance of treating yourself well.

Now the actor and proud daddy is going in on bloggers and magazines that gloat on celebrity divorces or couples headed for splits-ville.

The locale for this “Tyrese-ism” took place during a thoughtful car ride, where he captures his opinions on how the demise of relationships or those that are in trouble and headed that way, become fodder or jokes for the media and social networks, blogs, magazines and reality television.

This appears to have been prompted by the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, where couples were openly discussing their challenges and arguments from the season.

In this video guide, Tyrese makes a compelling argument about how society enjoys a breakup more than a marriage. Read a few of his comments below and take a look at the video.

 Here’s what he states in the video:

 Because of the press and the media, because of these constant images that are on magazines and all over blogs and websites every day, this is another form of the devil’s work. I’ll tell you why…blogs and websites, press and media, they got a job to do. They do. But unfortunately, a lot of married couples don’t end up on the cover of some of our favorite magazines until they file for divorce, which makes getting a divorce way more popular than the marriages that are actually working. That are still functioning. That are still happy and beautiful. There should be more magazines and more media and press attention around husbands and wives and marriages and families that are functioning and doing well. Happy, beautiful and amazing. We should highlight love and beauty and things that are working versus just being so focused on the things that aren’t working. That’s how I feel.

And so, what ends up happening is you’re at home and you’re looking at shows like ‘The Housewives’ and all of these different reality TV shows and in your mind, this reality becomes reality. You find yourself arguing and having issues at your house and in your marriage and in your family that are directly influenced from the s–t that you’re seeing on TV. You don’t even know it.

You, as a woman, you’re sitting there watching TV and you’re witnessing in which women complain and have issues and conflicts in their marriages that are filmed on a reality show. And they’re directly influencing issues and conflicts that are being created in your house.

That is not your f–king marriage. Those are not your issues. That is not your situation. You have what you have with your husband. That is your family. Those are your kids. That is your situation that you created. So, the fact that you’re allowing these outside images and reality TV shows and blogs and websites and all of this negative stuff that is being constantly fed on all social media [and] all over television everywhere to influence how you feel about your husband, your own family, or your wife is wrong. I believe it is a direct orchestration of the devil’s work. That’s how I feel. That’s my opinion.

Think of how many arguments were sparked and created from some s–t you seen on TV.

And in the spirit of not simply complaining, but offering solutions as well, Tyrese added:

 So, for those of you that are still happily married, still in a relationship, still have this thing that I call ‘the love bubble’ where you say you know what? I don’t give a f–k what’s going on in the world. What I have with my girl is what I have with my girl, and we’re not gonna allow anybody and their outside influences to influence the foundation or the love or the integrity of what I have in this house. These are my kids. This is my family. This is my world. This is our bubble. These are our rules. If you want to wear black lipstick and black fingernails and f–kin’ platinum tall boots and wear patent leather every day, that’s my woman. That’s who I love. That’s who I’m with. We listen to Metallica every day. That’s what the f–k we do. Shut up. Don’t you tell me that my man or my woman is weird because of the things that we love to do. Whoever you have and whatever you’re into, that’s your world. That’s your love bubble. You do your thing and let me do mine.


Tyrese definitely makes some very good points. But unfortunately, what he and many people may not understand, is that the media only writes about what continues to sell. And the public is a demanding audience with a very small percentage buying the hunky-Dorie. We have become a society driven by drama; call it a by-product of  our own lost dreams, usurped power, low self-esteem, and issues unresolved.

What a beautiful world it would be if everything publicized was good news. Stories about people being happy and in love. Families who never quarrel; and everyone simply complacent. But the public would become bored and unchallenged – with nothing to root for. As the famous philosopher Daisaku Ikeda states, “The dramas we encounter are part and parcel of being human. If we experienced no change or drama in our lives, if nothing unexpected ever happened, we would be like automatons, our lives unbearably monotonous and dull.”

Just another argument to consider.

Watch Tyrese in the video below: