obama & tourists

President Obama greets National Mall visitors on his walk Wednesday.

*Imagine you’re a tourist in DC on the National Mall when, by golly, you spot President Obama strolling on the mall as well! That actually happened on Wednesday. The president took a surprise walk in the park with a White House videographer in tow.

Mr. Obama decided to take the unannounced stroll on the National Mall to the Department of Interior, according to footage posted on the White House YouTube account Thursday. The President made the trip to designate the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in New Mexico as a national monument.

The rare presidential walk along the National Mall was documented and posted on the White House YouTube account.

As he was on his way, the prez seemingly morphed into what could’ve been mistaken as campaign mode when he saw people and when they saw him. The President chatted and shook hands with various folk, he greeted a food truck worker, handed out “special White House M&M’s” and took some snaps with a family.

“Oh my gosh, someone’s going to think you’re like wax,” said a woman that was excited to be taking her photo with the President.

Watch the video below and see how it all went down: