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*It seems the NAACP‘s cow towing to racist Donald Sterling was the straw that broke the camel’s back for one organization.

According to Ida Brown, Vanessa Morman, Terri Brooks Ray and others from the I Am the Discarded (IATD) group – in an email to EUR – they say they have officially asked the IRS to “Review/Revoke NAACP’s Tax Exempt Status” stating that corruption is pervasive in the “dysfunctional organization.”

Their note goes on to say that the Donald Sterling/NAACP issue is not an anomaly:

“The ‘hush money factor’ is deeply embedded in NAACP. They help oppress and discriminate against blacks and other minorities when they act to inject themselves in situations with their hidden agendas to use see it as a fundraising opportunity. While they are busy negotiating how many banquet tables the offenders will purchase, it bankrupts lives, leaves victims hopeless and is a total disservice to minorities. They need to do better or get out of the way because minorities deserve better.”

Read what else I Am the Discarded had to say about the NAACP’s practices:

All across the U.S., the NAACP makes a practice of turning racial indignities into fundraising opportunities, thereby profiting off the backs of blacks and other disenfranchised minorities. There are well documented instances where they have in fact landed on the opposite side of issues, or reversed their position in exchange for donations that can only be classified as ‘payoffs to sellouts’. This is done at the expense of minorities and allows racism to thrive and racist to continue offending with impunity. Therefore, we ask that you remove any incentives for philanthropist or sponsors to donate to this wayward entity. Also, discontinue allowing them to benefit from government grants paid for by taxpayers for a service it has long deprived Blacks and people of color of as would be benefactors.

In theory, its mission is to protect minorities, however, of late, in practice this is not the case. Their actions or lack thereof constitutes a disservice to not just minorities, but to the whole of all cultures seeking racial equality and tranquility. So, their nonprofit status must immediately be revoked, or at a minimum suspended until they are restructured, or have overhaul their practices and policies. To substantiate our request we submit the following:

Due to the media storm surrounding the Donald Sterling scandal, the world now knows what many people of color have known for some time now, and that is that the NAACP has a well established history of being muted by money. In fact, en masse, people showed their disgust throughout social media networks, which is indicative of how strongly they feel about the need of the NAACP to be reigned in and held accountable for accepting atonement buyouts.There must be a forced moratorium on their rushing to the aide of the opposition, offering up forgiveness well in advance of it even being offered. Their egregious misdeeds against blacks and other minorities must be halted as their continued aide to our oppressors has set the new standard for handling offenders when it comes to the abrasive infringement of racists.

Furthermore, we urge you to review the personal financial records of its executive staff, and board members. Because this practice is financially motivated, collectively, they should be subjected to an extremely exhaustive review. The public deserves to know if there are any signs of ill gotten gains or assets possibly associated with backend deals.

Just as the NAACP says that ban against Donald Sterling is not enough, the resignation of disbarred, bribery suspect Leon Jenkins is not enough to absolve the NAACP of their widespread misdealing as we reject any notion that the NAACP Headquarters had plausible deniability here. Therefore, Jenkins must not be the only figurehead to leave this organization. Every single individual that stood alongside Leon Jenkins during the press conference as the Sterling debacle unfolded is just as culpable and should be banned from holding positions in this organization. Moreover, the LA NAACP is not a lone wolf in this matter, as the corruption in this organization is systemic and ingrained in the organization. There must be a publicized and transparent vetting process of its leaders and its award process moving forward, or it should otherwise become defunct. Below is a shortlist of offenses and racial and class discriminatory practices we attribute to the NAACP.

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