levar burton (tears)

*LeVar Burton had nothing but tears of joy to shed after realizing his Kickstarter campaign to bring back “Reading Rainbow” more than met its $1 million goal. And amazingly, it happened in only 24 hours.

Thewrap.com reports that more than $1.7 million dollars has been raised thus far and continues to rise like a “butterfly in the sky.” A cameraman, who also recorded cheers from the actor’s friends when the numbers from the campaign came in, captured Burton’s reaction to exceeding expectations.

“So Kickstarters, I don’t know what to say, we’ve just crossed the million dollar threshold,” the entertainer said while giving a heartfelt thank you to his supporters. ““It is our first day. I am overwhelmed, thank you so much, this is going to enable us to really really really do a lot of good. I am so proud that this community has come together to support this effort and it’s a people’s thing, it’s the $5, it’s the $10, it’s the $25, its the $1 pledges, it’s unbelievable, or actually it’s actually very believable, thank you so much, we are literally changing the world one children’s book at a time. God bless.”

To see LeVar Burton’s reaction to the success of his “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter campaign, check out the video below: