Aaliyah and Beyonce*Before her tragic death, Aaliyah’s star was at an all-time high with a hit movie and a thriving music career.

If she were alive today, the late singer’s cousin, Jomo Hankerson, believes she would’ve been on the same level as Beyoncé regarding her rising stardom and ability to change the game.

“I think she would be at least as big as Beyoncé, her career art was through the roof at the time,” he told Jacque Reid during an interview on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” on Tuesday. “As you know she had just headlined a major motion picture with Romeo Must Die that debuted a No. 1 at the box office…so I think that the movie career was really gonna explode and she was really finding herself musically. That last album was probably her best album,”

Hankerson’s comments come amid Aaliyah’s family voicing their disapproval of an upcoming Lifetime biopic on the singer in a recent statement. During his appearance on the TJMS, Hankerson explained why the family is opposed to the planned film.

“They are basing the story on the book but the interviews in the book were more in conjunction with the album that came out at the time. It didn’t include her life,” he stated. “Our real problem is you can have conversations with us…we’re still around.”

Listen to the Jackie Reid’s entire interview with Jomo Hankerson: