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*Philadelphia, PA — Arthawk Entertainment is launching a major Kickstarter campaign to help develop their platform The AEON (short for The Arthawk Entertainment Online Network), starting with the first of five transmedia series, BLACKJACK: The Adventures of Arron Day.

Blackjack is an African-American soldier of fortune in the 1930s, facing danger, the ghosts of his past and the bigotry of his time. Users will be able to view animated episodes, read comics, & play games, all of which combine to tell different parts of Blackjack’s story. You can check out at the Kickstarter campaign and video here:

“Coupling both the free to play & transmedia models, with premium original content, by professional creators, available on any internet device, on a global scale, will give viewers an experience they can’t get anywhere else!” says founder, and CEO Derrick A. Richardson.

“The AEON will be free to view, free to read, & free to play. We’ll generate revenues through in app purchases and advertising.”

What the heck is transmedia? According to Mr. Richardson, “Combining different media to tell different parts of the same story, is what’s known as “Transmedia”.

“As far as we know, this is the first time these various mediums have been combined in this way. It opens up wonderful possibilities for creators, and will give viewers a level of depth in storytelling that is unique”, says Editor-In-Chief, and Blackjack creator & writer Alex Simmons.

Arthawk Entertainment has three other upcoming series to stimulate the imagination such as, sci-fi thriller SPACE STATION ORBITER: CLOUD 99, the Super Celebrities of I AM POWER UNLIMITED, and the absolutely fabulous global maidens of might of ACTION ANGELS INTERNATIONAL. Not to mention several children’s series they are eager to bring to the public.

Their beta site launches Friday June 6, 2014, while they consult with Jean-Francois Jezequel of Challenge 2 Media, and animator and award winning music composer, Jessie Lasaten of Cutting Edge Productions, on their “Global, Multilingual” streaming web site and programs. Together, Arthawk’s team leaders have over 30 years of experience in the comics and entertainment industry. Now that talent is creating a whole new world of trans media entertainment.

Arthawk Entertainment Inc. is a US based creative transmedia company with an international team of animators, technical consultants, & game developers. Among them are award winning animator/writer Mike Kunkel (Hercules).


Derrick Richardson – [email protected]
Alex Simmons – [email protected]