august alsina

*August Alsina snapped on someone … again.

But this time it was a fan. One who clearly crossed the line with him.

Recently, a fan snatched Alsina’s hat off his head during a concert in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“Who got the hat?! On some G sh-t! Don’t play with me like that, my n-gga! I came out here to f-ck with y’all so if you got it, ain’t NOBODY leaving out this b-tch until I get it back! Straight up! Where it’s at?! Are we gon cause a muthaf-ckin riot or what?! Where it’s at?!”

In Alsina’s defense the hat holds sentimental value to him.

His older brother Melvin — who’s no with him — gave him the hat.

“I wouldn’t be [singing] without my brother. A couple of years ago my brother got killed and I’m just finding any way I can to keep him alive and keep him involved in doing this,” he said. “When that happened, as a baby brother, that was my oldest brother so you feel like that’s your protector. That’s the only n-gga I can really go to. It’s like…I always get f-cked up when I talk about my n-gga.”

Nevertheless, Alsina still enjoyed Little Rock.

“Lol I had fun in little rock. i Love yall,” he said.

Alsina retweeted a fan who agreed with the way he handled the situation.

“I don’t blame dude , it’s not about the hat it’s the principal. Don’t take sh*t off my mf’n head. S/o to @AugustAlsina. He ain’t coming back,” he retweeted.

Ultimately, there were no hard feelings, but a lesson learned. Don’t take anything from this singer… ever!

Watch the incident below: