*Christina Milian snapped on a critic on Instagram about her failing relationship with Jas Prince!

And in that process, she indicated why their relationship is over!

Milian packed up and moved out because Jas Prince cheated on her.

I know one thing, you better still be with Jas. He seems like a good guy who really loves you and Violet. Don’t slip up,” the critic said.

And Milian’s response was very revealing about why she moved out of their LA home and called off their engagement.

“You should’ve told HIM not to slip up. But everyone’s really caught up in what they see only on Instagram. I can make everything “appear” perfect to the works, but my truth is still the truth.”

According to Milian, it’s all Jas Prince’s fault with what was supposed to be two months away from their wedding — instead blowing up in flames.

Her representative confirmed the breakup. She didn’t reveal what caused their long, four-year relationship to end.

Jas Prince responded on Instagram as well to breakup with a photo that read, “WOW!… All I got to say.”