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*There is always a topic to write or comment about that gets people excited and involved. But today’s topic is just one that I hope will allow us to reflect upon our lives and even join together in prayer.

At the tender age of 17, I was involved in a near fatal car accident. It was a life altering near death experience where I felt I had left my body for a time. The accident left me severely cut and burned. I have had 6 surgeries to date. While in recovery, I not only prayed for the healing of the body – I also began to surrender to the arduous process of healing of my soul. I have been where Tracy and friends are today!

Tracy Morgan, Ardie Fuqua and others that haven’t yet been named are fighting for their lives as I write this. We know not the hour or minute that tragedy may strike but we do know that pray changes things. I am asking all to come together in prayer for all involved, including the driver that has been charged in the incident. One person has already been reported dead and this incident will forever change the lives of all parties involved. Please join me in prayer:

Heavenly Father,
We come before you ask for peace, healing, and restoration. Father you know the exact details of the medical needs each individual involved, the specific joints that need to be healed or organs that may need your miracle touch.

Father, there are hearts shattered by death, spirits broken by fear, and lives hanging in the balance. We need you! We need your Divine Favor to show up and show out. Father, touch the families, give them strength. Even touch the hearts and minds of those that are commenting negatively during such time as this. We know you will make good what the devil intends for bad. Father we know You are capable of all things. We ask this and all things in Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

It is incidents like this that cause us to reflect upon our own lives and hopefully gather information that leads to being better. Life is short, stop holding grudges, and allowing others to steal your joy. Began to live life today and don’t wait for a tragic incident to grab your attention and demand reflection.

About Deborah Smith Simpkins:
Deborah is a powerful motivational speaker, minister and entrepreneurial book publisher. Her life and spiritual walk is testament to the way God’s providence allows for pain, setbacks and challenging obstacles – but always with a rebirth and a sequel in mind. A preacher’s kid (PK) who grew up immersed in The Word, she has seen her share of church politics. Her best selling novel Ministers with White Collars & Blacks Secrets is a testament of not only what she witnessed in the church, but what she experienced for herself.

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