One of Rose’s clients with whitening cream on her face

One of Rose’s clients with whitening cream on her face

*”Kenyan men like women with whiter skin,” is the reason one woman explains for the growing popularity of skin lightening in her country.

While skin lightening remains a controversial subject, its popularity has not decreased in countries all over the world. Actors, models, and “ordinary people” continue to plop down what can amount to several month’s rent or mortgage to milk their skin in an effort to become someone else’s version of beautiful.

The fact that this has become increasing popular in the Motherland, of all places, should be disturbing to us all.

Over the past months there has even been talk of a new race being genetically created in Africa, with white men donating their sperm so that black women can produce mixed race babies for their family. One promo shows several smiling African couples holding, what appears to be their white baby,  as if to say, “This could be you.”

Now it appears that an area in Nairobi known for its robust black market transactions and law enforcement bribes is the go-to place for this latest rush to lighten your skin; this time, using expensive injections of topical skin-lightening cream.

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