*In 2012, Frank Ocean sampled The Eagles’ classic hit “Hotel California” for his track “American Wedding,” prompting an angry reaction from group member Don Henley and the start of a feud between the two artists.

Henley is now opening up about the tiff, explaining he’s still salty over the way he says Ocean behaved when confronted over the sample.

He tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph: “He needs to come up with his own ideas and stop stealing stuff from already established works… Mr. Ocean doesn’t seem to understand U.S. copyright law. Anyone who knows anything should know you cannot take a master track of a recording and write another song over the top of it. You just can’t do that. You can call it a tribute or whatever you want to call it, but it’s against the law. That’s a problem with some of the younger generation, they don’t understand the concept of intellectual property and copyright.

“(Ocean) was quite arrogant about it. We tried to approach him calmly to talk reason to him via his managers and his attorneys and he wouldn’t listen. So finally we threatened to bring legal action against him. He was clearly in the wrong. I wouldn’t dream of doing something like that. What kind of ego is that? I don’t understand it… It wasn’t an improvement. We were not impressed. So we simply had our legal team tell them to take it down and they got all huffy about it…”

Listen to the track below: