don lemon *Aside from coming out in 2011, Don Lemon has kept his personal life to himself.

But the recent killing of seven people in a shooting rampage near the University of Santa Barbara, has caused the CNN anchor to open up once again. In a blog post Tuesday, Lemon revealed that he was in a recent relationship with someone who, like the shooter Elliott Rodger, is struggling with mental health issues.

“To this day, no one other than me and a few family members know,” wrote Lemon, who said he recognized some of the traits police reported seeing in Rodger in light of his past relationship.

“The deputy told CNN that Rodger was articulate, polite, even timid during their visit,” Lemon wrote. “And from my personal experience that is usually the case with those who hide their mental health issues from friends and coworkers.”

Lemon’s revelation marks the first time he has written or spoken publicly about his past relationship.

“With his kind of paranoia and secrecy I’m not sure what any parent or loved one could have done to help,” he stated.