jeremy meeks

*It seems the going is getting tough for Jeremy Meeks, the convicted felon whose dreamy mug shot went viral.

Because of his looks, Meeks went from being a felon to a celeb with a manager, who is already getting death threats … supposedly from gang members who apparently don’t like the idea of Meeks getting shine and they aren’t.

The backstory is that Meeks’ family hooked him up with some representation earlier this week — hoping to capitalize on his new-found fame — but things quickly went south.

TMZ says his manager received around 30 harassing phone calls from “gangster-sounding people” … and one person repeatedly threatened to blow her head off — saying she deserved to die.

The manager filed a report with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.

By the way, Stockton, CA police say Jeremy Meeks is a member of the Northside Crips gang.

So ladies, you sure you still want some of that gangster love from Jeremy? As you can see it comes with a price.