coco brown,

*Former adult film star CoCo Brown is headed to space in 2015! Like literally, it’s not a title of a new adult film or anything.

Brown paid more than $100,000 to train for the space expedition in the Netherlands since 2012.

If successful at completing training, she’ll be one of the first private citizens and only the fourth black woman to go to space.

Brown — formerly known as Honey Love — hasn’t been in an adult film in nearly 10 years, but she claimed to be one of the most downloaded adult film stars — especially by updating her website.

Besides, the space expedition, she’s working on a memoir as well.

Daymond John,

*Many black folks go through racial discrimination or racial profiling in their life. Yes, it’s very much so still alive in 2014.

And even celebrities go through it. Just ask Rob Brown who was profiled by Macy’s last fall.

All the reason why ABC’s “20/20” conducted an experiment to see how folks would react when faced with racism.

The program brought CEO and “Shark Tank” star Daymond John along for the experiment

John was indeed profiled against and the video below captured how folks reacted to a black person being profiled in a store in 2014.

Watch the clip below: