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*Nicki Minaj looked stunning while on “Live with Kelly & Michael” with Kelly Ripa and fill-in host Taye Diggs interviewing her.

Minaj dished on her amazing fans and her new music video to her single, “Pills N Potions

But what was most fascinating is Minaj and Diggs semi-flirting with each other while Ripa entertained it.

Minaj showed a snippet of her new music video for “Pills N Potions” with a love interest reminiscent of Diggs in the video.

“I put the song out maybe a week or two ago and it’s been my most critically acclaimed single ever,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll get a beat or a hook and I’ll write just what it tells me, what it feels like. And what that felt like to me was forgiveness.”

She added, “and just understanding that everybody gets mad, but when you love somebody, I feel like you’ll always love them. I don’t feel like there’s ever been a person that I loved that I no longer love. I just may not be able to live with you or have you in my life. And that’s what really what the song is about.”

Then, Ripa joked and said it was Diggs in the video, and how he would love to do a music video with her.

But Minaj would want more from Diggs.

“I would love to have this sexy hunk of chocolate in my video,” Minaj said. “I would rather shoot a movie with Taye and he’s my love interest so we can have some romantic scenes. Yes!”

It’s safe to say Diggs is a fan. He commented on how great she looked and how talented she is as well — seeming absolutely amazed by her fan base.

“They’re just people that have supported me since the inception. I started on social media, like cultivating my movement on social media and they just grew with me,” she said. “I went from couple hundred followers and then up to 18 million followers on Twitter.”

She added, “they do trending topics for me. Sometimes I’ll take it off my phone. Like I won’t have a lot of social media on my phone for a while, just so I can deactivate myself. But when I go back, just seeing the love, the constant love, it makes me feel like, [gasp] Let me go! Let me start working!”

Watch the interview below: