*Kevin Hart has been under fire for making what some consider an offensive joke about dark-skinned women.

Like Hart, many comedians face moments when they make controversial jokes — many of which are labeled racist or sexist.

Hart’s joke from 2010 could be labeled as both when he said light-skinned women credit scores were much better than dark-skinned women.

“Light-skinned women usually have better credit than dark-skinned women…broke a** dark h*** LOL,” Hart tweeted back in 2010.

Hart opened up about the controversy with Playboy.

“Listen, that was just me being silly on Twitter, playing on a trending topic,” he said. “Some people were offended by it, but that’s always a risk with comedy. Nobody’s going to find everything funny. I didn’t feel I had to apologize for something that was misconstrued and taken out of context.”

But Hart claimed he doesn’t have any problems against women.

He added, “I have no ill will toward women, not dark-skinned women, not light-skinned women. I was just being silly. I’m a comedian. Being silly is my job; it’s how I pay my bills.” 

Nevertheless, Hart isn’t letting his backlash get to him.

“I’m getting so good at ignoring negativity,” Hart tweeted. “It kills me how people can just assume that they know u or ur beliefs! I honestly just laugh.”