Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool

Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool are a hot item.

*Every body has their “type” right?

When it comes to who you’re going to be seen with, date, or marry, some men only like women with big booty’s; while others lean more towards women with sculptured bodies.

Some prefer brunettes, while others can only have redheads. But I think we’d agree that 31-year-old Kyle Jones is quite a different sort of fella. Not so much because the Augusta, Georgia native has a penchant for – ahem – very, very, very mature women; But I think you will agree, we’re not talking your typical May-December romance.

After all, that’s so last week.

Kyle has taken it many steps further. More like a March-December thing because his main squeeze, the “apple of his eye” is…wait for it.

Three times his age! Let’s see, that would make her 91-years-old?


Meet great-grandmother Marjorie McCool!

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