lebron james

*Lebron James seems to have a lot of weight on his shoulders — carrying the Miami Heat.

But the superstar athlete is asking for more talent on the team.

And that’s exactly what the Heat would have to give him in order for him to stay in Miami and maybe take a pay cut.

James isn’t interested in reducing his salary from $20.6 million next season and the following season from $22.1 million.

Reducing his salary would help the owner Micky Arison avoid paying luxury taxes.

The rest of the big three — Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade who are the team’s other highly paid players — don’t want to reduce their salaries to give Arison a tax break either.

The big three want the money to be put to good use and focused on building a better team.

Bringing in fresh, young talent could mean the Heat returning to the finals for a fifth consecutive year, which hasn’t been done since the Celtics of the 1960s.

But the talks for pay cuts aren’t over especially if it means fitting in Carmelo Anthony, but it seems as though there’s no money to sign him.