jimmy gulzar & mel b

Jimmy Gulzar & Mel B

*(Via iDateDaily) – Being in a crappy marriage has a laundry list of disadvantages, but it takes on a new challenge when the misery turns into hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. This was the unfortunate case of Jimmy Gulzar, ex-husband of Spice Girl’s singer Melanie Brown a/k/a Mel B.

Although Gulzar and Mel B were only married for two years (1998-2000), the man claims marriage to her nearly drove him to kill himself.

Gulzar claims that the relationship had problems from the start; however, those problems escalated when the couple got into a vicious custody battle over their daughter Phoenix. The custody battle was Gulzar’s breaking point.

“There’s been many a time when I thought, ‘Nope, this is it, I’m giving up’,” he told the Sun newspaper. “I am gonna take this bunch of pills and goodbye people, because this is too heavy’.”

Gulzar, a Dutch-born backup dancer, met Mel B during the Spice World tour in 1998.

The 39-year-old father says he’s waiting for karma to get his ex-wife. “I always think about Goliath facing David, that story is pretty much how I have always felt. I am still that one rock that will get Goliath down,” he said. Unfortunately, Gulzar’s relationship with his daughter appears to be on the rocks as well.

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