michael ealy

*A couple of years after shooting “Think Like a Man,” the cast got back together to shoot a sequel last summer to the popular film.

And Michael Ealy revealed much had changed with the cast.

Ealy dished to BET.com on bonding with his cast mates, and their growing popularity with the franchise and other projects.

And speaking of these changes, Ealy starred on the Fox show, “Almost Human,” got married and started his own family.

His co-stars also grew since the filming of the first film. Terrence J is becoming the next big entertainment reporter and media personality; Kevin Hart transcended into mega superstar comedian and actor; Gabrielle Union is marrying Dwayne Wade and scored a hit show, “Being Mary Jane.

But through all their many changes over the years, the cast remained close friends.

“We are a tight knit crew, but we’re like family. And you don’t have to see your family all the time. But all the same, whenever we see each other, it’s like nothing changes,” he confirmed. “I can’t say that we’re hanging out at clubs on the weekly…that’s not happening. We got lives of our own, families and such. But the work brings us together often, and that’s okay.”

This only makes sense since none of the cast were overnight successes and could relate to each other. But they are all big today — after much hard work in Hollywood.

“It’s kind of a forgotten truth. It takes time to make it in this business and to succeed at that level. It’s a slow burn,” he said. “In this world of reality TV, everybody expects to become a star overnight. Everybody that’s in this crew, we’ve all been plugging away since the late ’90s. Now it’s starting to catch on. “

Through all their success and remaining friends since shooting the first film, Ealy made it clear they support each other and will continue to do such.

“The beautiful thing is, whenever somebody from the crew has something going on, everybody is there to support. If Kev has a comedy special, we’re all tweeting about it, when Gabrielle’s show ‘Being Mary Jane’ came on, we were all watching,” he said. “We’ve been more supportive of each other in the last couple of years since doing ‘Think Like a Man.’ I’m happy about that.”

Think Like a Man Too” opens up Friday, June 20, 2014.