*All six cast members of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” from season six were asked to return for season seven.

But “RHOA” biggest star is being Bravo‘s biggest diva.

NeNe Leakes wants more money from the network before agreeing to return for the 7th season.

Leakes is currently Bravo’s highest paid housewive — reportedly making $1 million each season.

“Everybody has been invited back,” she said.

But will she return being that she wants bigger bucks?

Maybe, all the drama she experienced on the show caused her to stress and spend more — resulting in the need for more money? Maybe?

Or maybe she could just be demanding more money since she’s the biggest reality star on Bravo? Probably more likely.

“I don’t know exactly what I’m doing…This past season was very dark and toxic; there was a lot of negativity. I just don’t want to work with so much negativity,” Leakes said.

Nevertheless, being the biggest star doesn’t make her selfish when it comes to recognizing the needs of the entire cast.

“All of us deserve a raise,” Leakes said. “I haven’t asked for more money yet, but I damn sure plan to!”