jamal bryant

*A few seconds can go a long way.

If you don’t believe it, ask Pastor Jamal Bryant, who’s catching a ton of flack for quoting Chris Brown’s hit song “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal.”

The Empowerment Temple minister responded to all the criticism on Twitter, saying:

“Don’t critique a quote when you never heard message! 20 seconds of a 30 minute message is incomplete assessment Dear Family @TJMShow fell into a sensationalized quote & regrettably lent no context. Be mad whole not in part”

The quote in question was uttered by Bryant during a 30-minute sermon titled “I’m My Enemies’ Worst Nightmare.” Despite the length of the message, attention was focused on a 40-second clip that featured Bryant using the line “these hoes ain’t loyal.”

Since the clip’s leak, Bryant has been at the center of criticism from those questioning and wondering why a man of God would use such language. The minister’s congregation has also endured feedback in light of footage showing some members hollering, jumping and catching the Holy Spirit.

The following is part of Bryant’s sermon; so as to reveal the context the pastor used the Chris Brown quote:

“An anointed woman of God is not dreaming about a man. An anointed woman of God is dreaming for her man. So when she really connects to who you are, she begins to dream about what she sees you accomplishing, what she sees you becoming and you with your silly stuff, go run off with a side-chick who don’t have no anointing.

“The problem with Pilate, is a problem with a lot of men, is he didn’t know what he had. Had Pilate had listened to the woman he had, his life would’ve been better. Because he didn’t listen to the woman of God, he ended up losing his job, ended up in exile, ended up being kicked out of the palace, ended up committing suicide. If you got enough confidence to not be insecure and threatened about the woman God sent you, when she speaks, she is speaking from the voice of God of what she sees over your life!

“Every sister just elbowed another sister, “he should’ve listened!” Every brother, would you tap another brother and say, “I should’ve listened to her.” God help me! Old saints, y’all forgive me but I gotta tell ya, these hoes ain’t loyal! You gotta find somebody!

“Pilate lives in conflict because he washes his hands and then signs the death certificate. He could’ve put a curve on the whole movement of women’s suffrage. Women could’ve got the right to vote earlier They could’ve had the right to own property sooner if he in that right moment would’ve listened to what the woman of God spoke over his life, trying to help him. It was no benefit for her. She just wanted to see him in his rightful place with God!

“You done found the right one when they are not into your car, your clothes or your income, but they got a desire to see you in the will of God. That’s how you know you’ve found somebody who’s anointed!”

To see the part of the sermon that generated all the talk, check out the video below:

Byrant’s full sermon (which starts around the 16-minute mark), can be viewed here: