jamal bryant*Pastor Jamal H. Bryant found himself a lake of hot water and apparently decided to jump in.

That’s basically what it boils down to since he had the temerity to quote of all people, Chris Brown, during a sermon this past weekend.

“Every sister just elbow another sister, ‘he should have listened’. Every brother tap another brother and say: ‘I should have listened to her,’” Bryant told the congregation.

But then the 43-year-old head of Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple apparently went left when he came back with this doozy:

“Old saints, ya’ll forgive me but I got to tell you these hoes ain’t loyal!”

Whoa! The comment brought the congregation members screaming, cheering and clapping to their feet.

But wait a minute, did he just quote Chris Brown of all people? Uh huh, he sure did. The lyrics are straight from Breezy’s latest track “Loyal.” In the song Brown says:

When a rich n***a want ya
And your n***a can’t do nothing for ya
These hoes ain’t loyal
These hoes ain’t loyal
Yeah, yeah, let me see

After dishing the, er, interesting quote, Bryant never really finished his thought after the crowd’s boisterous reaction.

“Be seated, I gotta go…,” Byrant added after several minutes of reaction from the congregation, before continuing on with his comments about “women’s suffrage” and the Roman Governor of Judea during Jesus’s time, Pontius Pilate.

You can see the moment at around 18:00 minutes into the sermon:

Needless to say a lot of folks are quite feeling what the flamboyant and divorced pastor said in the pulpit. Bryant came to his own defense on Twitter this morning, citing that many people didn’t get the full context of his sermon:

jamal bryant tweets

As some are pointing out, it’s one thing to be an outspoken and flamboyant minister, but it’s another thing to use a word that is not only derogatory but also misogynistic. Churchgoers come to church to hear the word of God, not the words of a woman beater (Brown), especially coming from the mouth of a confessed adulterer (Bryant).