ray j - talking from car

*Ray J is speaking out about his arrest over the weekend as well as why he kicked out the window of a squad car and spat at a cop.

He told TMZ that he never touched the behind of strange woman at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel bar Saturday night and the police also said any butt touching was accidental.

Ray J says he feels the story was made up by hotel management to get him out of the bar because he and his friends were too loud. This angered him because he says he’s spent tens of thousands of dollars at that hotel in the past year (the Joan Rivers sex tape spoof was filmed there).

As for his transgressions with the police, the reality TV star/singer says he never intentionally spit on anyone, but admits to kicking in the cop car’s window. He says he became “very claustrophobic” inside the car and needed fresh air STAT.

Bottom line: Ray J was booked for trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer.