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*(Via iDateDaily) – Last week, I wrote an article helping men gauge a woman’s loyalty to them.

As I mentioned in that article, it is important to understand that the relationship works independent of the individuals in it. In other words, you have your pride and ego, his pride and ego, and then the relationship. The relationship only lasts contingent upon the amount of pride and ego the persons in it are willing to decrease.

With this in mind, you do not want to gauge a man’s loyalty to you, as an individual, you want to gauge his loyalty to the relationship that you share with him. While there are many ways to test one’s loyalty, below are three ways you can gauge your man’s loyalty to the relationship:

  1. He doesn’t mind being a “punk” for you. Single men give their friends who are in relationships a hard time. Unlike women, who oftentimes encourage each other to keep a relationship, men tend to want to dismantle their friends’ relationships or not acknowledge it at all. When this occurs, peer pressure and/or conflict can arise. If your man does not mind being called a “punk,” “weak,” or even a “bítch” by his friends for being in love with you, this is a sign of his loyalty to the relationship. If he is willing to shut down his friends for suggesting that he sleep with someone else or not call you when he said he’d call, he is willing to put his pride aside and proclaim his loyalty and love to the relationship.

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