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*(iDateDaily) – People come and go in our lives, but we don’t always know the signs.  You may think that your relationship is fine or that you’re just going through a rocky patch, but there could be a whole bunch of activity occurring beneath the surface that you’re not aware of.   Think of it like looking for another job.  Do you tell your old employer that you’re passing out resumes?  Nope, you probably just make your moves in silence and only announce your full intentions when you believe the coast is clear.  Someone could be trying to do that to you right now.

Here are a few ways to know if your man is on his way out the door.  Not all of these signs apply all the time, but these are some things you may want to look for.  You should at least try to have conversations with your mate or seek counseling if these signs arise, since they are usually indicative of a bad relationship.

1) You’ve become uncomfortable with one another.  If your partner is constantly annoyed with you, that could mean that they don’t want to be with you.  If he is a good looking man with a lot of options, he’s probably thinking about being with someone other than you and how that relationship might be better than the one he’s got.

2) He’s not asking you for intimacy as much as he used to.  If he doesn’t want to hug, kiss and sleep with you as much, he could be sleeping with someone else or thinking about sleeping with someone else.  You might not be his number one option anymore.  People are more vulnerable to falling in love with another person if their current relationship is on the rocks.  He may even be sleeping with nobody and thinking that this is better than sleeping with you.

3) The phone calls start declining in frequency and consistency.  A man giving you his time is a great indicator of his interest.  He always makes time for what’s important to him.  So, if he doesn’t make time for you, then you’re probably not important anymore.  It’s really that simple.  Even a busy man can make a five minute phone call or send regular text messages.

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