romeo miller,

*Uh oh, ladies. Romeo Miller (AKA Lil Romeo) is about to bare it all in his upcoming film, “Chocolate City.”

Miller will play Devin, a college student who gets sucked into the world of male exotic dancing in order to pay his bills.

Hmm… does this film sound like “Magic Mike” to anyone? Well, let’s continue with the plot and characters.

Michael Jai White will play the promoter who encouraged Devin (Miller) to become an exotic male dancer.

And Tyson Beckford will play an aging male exotic dancer who’s best days are behind him.

Eurika Pratts (“Basketball Girlfriends,” “Gang of Roses 2“) will play Miller’s love interest in the film. 

Hmm… now does it sound more like “Magic Mike”?

The indie film is planned to begin filming at the end of June.