Sherri-Shepherd*Weeks after filing for divorce from her second husband Lamar Sally, Sherri Shepherd is finally addressing the split.

The View” co-host, who has remained silent on the situation, opened up about her marital issues on Tuesday, reports.

“I know that you cannot grow without pain,” Shepherd told E! News at the 13th Annual Samsung Hope for Children Gala in New York City. “Growth is hard and growth is a struggle, and it hurts and you’ve got to go through that in order to grow or you stay the same. And also, I feel as long as you can get up and look up, you have another chance and another chance to make things right. Again, going through all my craziness, I hope that my character and my integrity speaks for me, so I stand behind that.”

In case you’re wondering if she’s up for moving on to the next guy, don’t hold your breath. Shepherd has no plans to be on the rebound for a new man in her life.

“I may not be the best person to ask at this time about a guy,” she laughingly said, “but check back with me in a year about that subject!”

With her status set on being single for a bit, Shepherd will continue to remain focused on her 9-year-old son, Jeffrey. The extra attention to Jeffrey will serve Shepherd will in light of a new legal situation involving her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley.

Court documents obtained by E! News detail recently filed paperwork by Tarpley, who is requesting full custody of Jeffrey, a special needs individual. In the documents, Tarpley accused Shepherd of neglect with claims that Jeffrey can’t tie his own shoes, has poor hygiene and can hardly write.

Despite the outcome of her past relationships, Shepherd still believes in love and is hopeful Jeffrey will experience the powerful emotion.

“I try to bring my son up to be a kind person,” she told E! News. “My son loves making people laugh and I think that will get a girl any day, any time. If you can make a woman laugh, that’s like gold, but I think being kind and being able to forgive [is most important].

“You really have to be able to forgive and you have to be kind to one another,” Shepherd continued. “That’s what Meryl Streep told me: ‘Be kind.'”