stephen jackson, donald sterling *Dang, who knew Stephen Jackson was not half bad at rappin’?

Yep, that’s right, former LA Clippers player Stephen Jackson AKA Stak5didn’t just speak out about how he feels about Donald Sterling‘s racist comments, he rapped about it.

Jackson rapped about his feelings toward Sterling on “America Da Beautiful”( A Letter To Mr. Sterling). Also, he dished to the Urban Daily about the Sterling controversy.

“When I first heard the Donald Sterling comments I reached out to players to ask them what they were going to do,” Jackson said. “If I was still on that team I wouldn’t have played. I wouldn’t have played another game in that uniform until the team was sold.”

Jackson briefly played for the Clippers until January 2014 when he was cut. Some criticized the players for not knowing who they were working for, but Jackson claimed he had no way of knowing about Sterling — having never met him.

“Before the tape came out I’d never seen him. I didn’t now who the Clippers’ owner was,” he said.” I’ve played on a lot of NBA teams and there’s very fewer owners that I’ve seen or met. I had no recollection of him being a racist or anything before the comments came out.”

Watch the interview below:

Also, listen to the song below: