t-boz & rihanna

*The conflict between Rihanna and TLC has taken an interesting turn with T-Boz denying she ever made comments about the Ri-Ri’s infamous CFDA dress.

According to T-Boz, there was no specific mention of Rihanna when she supposedly made her comments.

Last time I checked I didn’t say no bodies name the interview lady did,” T-Boz tweeted while mentioning that she hadn’t seen the images of Rihanna at the time the interview was conducted.

“I’m out of the country,” she stated. “I didn’t even see pics. how did I get dragged in2 talkin about some1 I like.”

T-Boz’s latest comments are a far cry from what was reportedly said by her last week when she weighed in on scantily clad singers.

“Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked,” T-Boz told “Sunrise Australia” during a video interview. A voiceover of the chat claimed that T-Boz and fellow TLC member Chilli “singled out Rihanna.”

Although she denied specifically mentioning Rihanna, T-Boz maintained her views, saying, “I don’t care what my opinion is I’m gonna say what I want at least get what I say right.”

If you missed it, here’s T-Boz (and Chilli) in Australia making the now disputed comment: