(L-R) Sammie, Nev, Tracie Thoms and Max on MTV's "Catfish"

(L-R) Sammie, Nev, Tracie Thoms and Max on MTV’s “Catfish”

*MTV’s “Catfish” featured its first celebrity as the person being catfished.

In Wednesday’s episode, actress Tracie Thoms – best known for her roles in “Rent” (both on Broadway and on film) and TV’s “Cold Case” – was the one seeking help from Nev Schulman and Max Joseph over a so-called super fan.

Thoms had been in contact via Twitter with a fan named Sammie, who said she was a huge fan of the actress and willingly helped to promote all of her projects via social media.



Long story short, Thoms eventually discovered that Sammie was creating multiple fake accounts to manipulate the actress’ emotions and get more attention. When Thoms called Sammie out on her behavior, the fan cut off contact – and that’s when Thoms sought the help of Nev and Max.

Below, Tracie talks via webcam with her producer friend, and fellow victim of Sammie’s manipulation, Lotti Knowles:

Watch the full episode below: