alicia warden
*Now there’s drama on top of drama.

It seems that when Tracy Morgan ‘s estranged mother went to the hospital to visit him, she was not allowed entrance to see her critically injured son.

If you know the story, you’re aware of the tension and hostility between Tracy and his mother, Alicia Warden. And to illustrate how bad the relationship is, she says no one called her about her son … she heard about it on TV.

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She tells TMZ she went to visit Tracy in the hospital on Saturday, but was turned away by hospital security and Tracy’s fiancee, Megan Wollover. Warden believes Tracy’s fiancee has a thing against her. (Hmm, you think?)

Warden says she returned the next day and she was let in … but Tracy was unconscious and she was only allowed to stay for 5 minutes — never alone with him. She says his friends and a pastor were in the room.

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“All I wanted was for our family to be alone with him. I wanted to pray over him and couldn’t do that because so many people were in the room,” Warden said.

Sadly, in a 2012 interview, Tracy Morgan admitted hadn’t seen his mother in 11 years.