love thy neighbor

*One of Tyler Perry‘s hit shows is back with all new episodes.

Love Thy Neighbor” returns this summer on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 9 p.m. E/P on OWN.

The comedy series left off at a very juicy point the last time it was on — leaving fans waiting for more.

Yeah, the show is back and with all of its dramedy elements.

Mama Hattie’s (Patrice Lovely) daughter Linda (Kendra C. Johnson) is finally back on her feet after she meets two suitors, Will (Thai Douglas), and Phillip (Tony Grant).

She’s dating Will, but a kiss sparks more interest in Phillip.

Throughout the new summer episodes, Linda struggles to figure out who to be with, but Will might make it easy for her when she catches him in a lie.

Her good girl days are behind her, and ultimately in the end, she goes with her heart.

The dramatic and comedic elements could explain why the sitcom is the number cable series in the demographics of black women, women 25-54 and total viewers on Wednesday nights. 

Watch the trailer below: