obama & church women
*On top of all the things none of us would want to even remotely deal with on a 24/7 basis, according to a new article at Salon, President Obama now has another issue he probably didn’t see coming.

The title of the piece, written by Brittney Cooper, pretty much says it all: “Not Going to Lie down and Take it: Black Women are Being Overlooked by this President.”

Cooper states how the president’s recent initiatives to address needs of LGBTQ people, black men and others are great. But one group keeps getting forgotten. And of course that would be black women.

Alongside the Affordable Care Act, My Brother’s Keeper and federal support for robust immigration reform, President Obama continues to roll out a set of initiatives that firmly appeal to the demographics most responsible for his ascent to the White House. Even though I celebrate this signal move on behalf of the Obama administration and urge that the U.S. Congress follow suit and pass federal legislation outlawing discrimination against LGBTQ people, I remain unclear about how to judge the legacy that Obama is building with respect to solidly liberal issues.

Recent advocacy through initiatives like My Brother’s Keeper, expanded clemency opportunities for low-level drug offenders and raising the federal minimum wage suggest explicit attention to the plight of working-class people and men and boys of color. There are also guidelines within the rollout of My Brother’s Keeper to address the especial concerns of gay and trans men and boys of color.

However, there seems to be very little on the horizon for one key demographic: black women and girls. Black women, Obama’s single largest voting demographic, have been the subject of no executive orders, no White House initiatives and no pieces of progressive legislation.

Here’s an interesting stat that makes a point from the article: ninety-six percent of black women voters voted for Obama compared to 87 percent of black men.

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obama & black women