high tech worker

High Tech worker

*The Vallejo Black Empowerment Think Tank (or VBETT), a group dedicated to improving life in the black community, has given a big thumps-up to a jobs creating effort called Project Jumpstart.

Project Jumpstart is the brainchild of Overton Claborne Sr, who is President and CEO of a successful high-tech company called Overton Instruments (Oi), which is currently based in Sacramento CA. The objective for the project is to relocate the company to Vallejo, and start the process of transforming the city into a Mecca for job growth and economic opportunity.

According to Mr. Claborne, “I have always had a deep affection for Vallejo (it’s where I grew up). And, from a business standpoint, I think Vallejo is an excellent investment, it offers a great location (relative to the rest of Bay Area), the cost of living is relatively low, and most importantly the people here are very special – hard working, kind and generous. In fact, I believe the city has all the factors to become the next Silicon Valley.”

Eileen Randall, an executive member of VBETT indicates “we wholeheartedly support Project Jumpstart for not only having the potential for bringing good paying jobs to our community, but what impresses me most is the unique way the project invites local citizens to make a personnel state in the effort.” What Eileen is referring to is the method for funding Project Jumpstart will not come by conventional means (i.e., a bank loan, government assistance or Venture Capital). The source for our funding will come from the visionary citizens of Vallejo themselves, through an innovative method called “Crowdfunding”. Like the name implies, crowdfunding asks a group of people to donate a defined amount of money for a specific cause or purpose. Crowdfunding has been very successfully used (all over the planet) to rise capital for numerous events, social causes and commercial enterprises. In the case of Project Jumpstart, the goal is to raise $60,000, over a 3 month period, which will officially start July 1, 2014. The project asks for a minimum donation of $100 each (per person). The monies will be used to relocate (Oi) operations to Vallejo, and position the company to manufacturer and market it products world-wide.

Diane Blackmon Bailey, one of the founding members of VBETT expresses “Overton Claborne and his company Overton Instruments (Oi), sets the exact example for bold leadership we need. Having been a successful entrepreneur myself, I recognize that deciding to bring (Oi) to Vallejo is an absolute stroke of genius and will go far to dispelling negative attitudes that exist both inside and outside our community. To learn more about Project Jumpstart and how you can contribute, contact Overton Claborne at (510) 681-5431 or email him at [email protected].