Taylour Paige and Cherise Nicole

*VH1′s sexiest show, “Hit the Floor,” is back for season 2!

Asha, Jelena and the Devil girls are not holding back on the scandal and the plot promises to be jaw dropping!

Yours truly, CNikky, along with our friends at EURweb, had an exclusive set visit and cast members Taylour Paige (Asha), Logan Browning (Jelena), Robert Christopher Riley (Terrence) and McKinley Freeman dished on all of the season 2 secrets!

While we can’t give it all away … we will say that things are a changing for the Los Angeles Devils!  Asha and her adorable boyfriend have parted ways, leaving room for a new romance with Derrick.  But things will not be so simple, because he is still battling past demons.  His relationship with Terrence is on the mend, since he is trying to clean up his act and they may bond over dislike for a new basketball player that threatens to take their shine and possibly also take one of their girls….

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Terrence is ready to move on from Jelena….but it will prove to not be as easy as he hoped.  There may be some back and forth between the former lovers, but he may have lost his opportunity to a new guy.  But, that may be for the best.

Robert Christopher Riley Hit The Floor

Jelena has not skipped a beat and is back on the war path.  She is out not only to destroy Asha, but also her mom, who is the new director of the Devil girls.  In a rare moment at the end of season 1, fans watched her become vulnerable after her break-up with Terrence, but she may be ready to hop back into the saddle with a new guy.  But, as always, her first priority is re-gaining her #1 spot.

Logan Browning Hit The Floor

There is another new cast member that may surprise fans …. Jodi Lynn OKeefe joins the cast as Dean Cain’s …. wife! Yup, he was married the entire time to an Oscar nominated, high profile actress and she’s back to lay claim on her man. This clearly puts a kink in his plans. He is no longer with Sloan (since she is the new director of the Devil girls). However, his relationship with former Devil girl turned bar tender Raquel has turned into a hot and heavy relationship!

Jodi Lyn OKeefe

Lionel (Jodi Lynn) and Coach have been together since both of them were young. And although they’ve been separated for a while, who knows who he will choose? But, it promises to be very messy!

Hit The Floor

The only thing that remains the same is the fierce dance moves from the Devil Girls. Little known fact: many of the Devil girls cast are alumni from ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ And, yes they do keep the same girls all season and they rehearse the difficult dance routines during the week after long days of shooting. So, in essence they really are a dance team!

“Hit The Floor” airs Mondays at 9pm E/P on VH1.  Keep it locked here for more Exclusive Behind The Scenes Interviews From the Set!

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